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The XRIT Ingester software is supplied as part of the XRIT System. It automatically ingests, decrypts, de-compresses, archives and outputs LRIT and HRIT data. Images can be automatically enhanced, masked, exported, printed, animated, reprojected and colored using the MacroPro software, then displayed, manipulated and processed further using the iDAP Software.


  • Handling of all LRIT, HRIT, SAF and other data from EUMETCast, HimawariCast, MSG, GOES, COMS-1 and Electro services.

  • Fully automatic ingest and output, with no user intervention required after configuration.

  • Multi-threaded, layered architecture allowing simultaneous ingest from different services.

  • Fully compatible with 64-bit Windows.

  • Archiving of data at each stage of processing.

  • Automatic preview creation, with map overlays and geographical position read-outs.

  • Output of image data as Dartcom iDAP images, navigated and calibrated where possible, and with vector map overlays.

  • Output of image data in PCI Geomatica, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL and GeoTIFF formats.

  • Output of GOES EMWIN data via a serial port or TCP/IP socket for further processing.

  • Activity logging, on-screen and email alarms, plus monitoring of disk space and data stream.

  • Designed to comply with CGMS and EUMETSAT ground station specifications for implementation and timeliness.


  • Completely automatic ingest and output of all LRIT, HRIT, SAF and other data available from EUMETCast, HimawariCast, MSG direct broadcast, GOES, COMS-1 and Electro services, with no user intervention required after configuration.

  • Multi-threaded, layered architecture allowing simultaneous ingest from different services and scaling to multiple processors.

  • Comprehensive software user guide and on-line help system.



  • Automatic data transfer from Dartcom USB LRIT and LRIT/HRIT receivers followed by Reed-Solomon decoding, derandomisation and file assembly.

  • Automatic file acquisition from DVB software for EUMETCast and HimawariCast.

  • Archiving of acquired raw files covering up to 7 days.

  • Filtering by service, file type, data type and product, allowing unwanted data to be discarded collectively or selectively.


  • Automatic decryption of encrypted files via hardware or software decryptor (supplied separately by service provider if required) with archiving of decrypted files covering up to 7 days.

  • Automatic decompression of compressed files with archiving covering up to 366 days, structured in folders by data type, date and time if required.


Integrated display and processing software for satellite imagery and meteorological data with automatic macro processor.

The iDAP software allows images, animations and charts received by all Dingest systems to be displayed and processed with one fully-featured program. The MacroPro software automates the powerful facilities provided by iDAP.

  iDAP includes a wide range of professional-quality facilities for displaying, processing, printing and exporting images without compromising ease-of-use or accessibility.

  Our own animation technology provides smooth, high quality, fast-updating animations with editing facilities.

  MacroPro allows processing macros to be set up and run on images automatically when new data is received by their associated ingest system.



  • Handling of GOES, MSG, COMS, Elektro data.

  • Windows 10 and 64-bit compatible.

  • Creation of formula-based products such as SST, NDVI, NDSI and cloud height.

  • Cartographic reprojection with masking, slicing to extract clouds, and mosaic creation.

  • Blue Marble and DEM masking.

  • Comprehensive processing facilities such as enhancement, sharpening and edge extraction.

  • Exporting to PCI Geomatica, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL, GeoTIFF, EPS level 0, NOAA level 1B and other formats.

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